As part of our service-orientation to companies we provide total information technology online.

Our focus on information technology enables us to develop innovative, business solutions to provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage.

As competition in real world gets keen customer- oriented making gets more and more progressive. Softacom Business Solution is continually adding products and encourage the clients to make contact regarding particular items the clients may purchase, repairs and or service.

 loan  insurance-agency-management-software-preview  mortgage
The software manages loans given to customers, computes outstanding loans,generates customers statements on demand. read more The software manages Policy processing, claims processing, business processing, disaster recovery ….
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The softaloan software helps to calculate interest rate, generates report, keeps track of all our customers
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Enterprise Software Solution
System Analyst, System Development, Implementation, Miantenance.
Microsoft skills
windows 2000 server, windows 2003 server, windows 2008 server, windows XP/2000, Office 2003.
Accounting/Payroll Software Package.
Microsoft Excell, Access, Front Page, Tally.

Our Clients

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